lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

Mi casa

We did it!  After two years, we've finally done it: we've hung up our house number!  Yes, delivery men from all across La Mancha are rejoicing because that crazy American lady with that loco name has finally put a number on her house (although I do have to laugh - they now know me so well that I probably don't even need a house number anymore!).

Isn't it pretty?  We haven't hung up the wrought-iron lantern above it yet (the wall still hasn't been wired), but you get the idea.  During the winter, I planted wild mountain thyme and lavender (sounds like a Rosamunde Pilcher novel) in front, which will slowly fill in.  Best part is that they don't need watering because they're native.  And when I say native, I mean dug up from my backyard!

As you can see, things are slowly getting done... poquito a poco.

Now it's time to give credit where credit is due: if you are looking for a handmade tile house number, this one is from Cerámica Verónica (house number tiles), located in Cádiz.

And now that the wall is done, it looks like at least someone likes it!
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  1. Your house number is very cute! I like your roof too.

    1. Thanks! Although the house is new-build, we like vintage finishes. My 12-year-old is worried that we always buy "old" stuff and asks, "Why don't you ever buy anything that's new?"