miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014

Bloom Day, January 2014

This Bloom Day, I am cheating and adding some photos of colorful foliage and hips, too (otherwise this would be a very short entry!).

Tiny red hips on La Sevillana

I love  Nandina domestica, but it really does not do well here.  The color is great, but it never grows.  I keep trying in different locations, but it is a definite no-go.

This strawberry variety came from my father-in-law's garden.  Love the red!
Why won't Blogger let me publish vertical photos?  It always turns them horizontally, like this photo of La Sevillana (and the first fly of the year - UGH!).  

And here's a horizontal Jude the Obscure

The almond trees are getting ready to bloom!  
And you know what that means: time to prune those rose bushes...

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  1. Beautiful! I envy your rose buds, mine froze awhile ago and were pruned off :(. I have never had a problem with the blogger rotating my pictures, but in your google+ profile there is a setting that by default allows Google to "enhance" your photos automatically. I can't find it off-hand but maybe that would be a place to look...

    1. My rosebuds are nearly frozen, but I tend to leave them on because they do provide some color. It's still a bit too early to prune here because we're in the mountains.
      As for the sideways photos, I found that I could turn them in Picasa, then upload them. It's an added, time-wasting step, so I will try to avoid vertical photos when blogging.

  2. I have been looking at your beautiful roses on previous posts. I see you love David Austin roses. They seem to do very well for you. And with blooms in January, when are you going to prune them? You have some beauties.

    1. Yes, surprisingly the David Austins do well here, even with our brutal summers. In addition to the summertime drought conditions, the dry air dries the roses out quickly. My roses have adapted by blooming April-June, then Sept-Oct/Nov. I have them on a drip system.

      As for pruning, we are at 700m/2100ft, and we can have freak freezes up until May. I don't use a set date to start pruning - instead, I let Mother Nature decide: when the almond trees start flowering, I start pruning (usually sometime in February).

      Thanks for visiting!