miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2019

Saying goodbye

I have just buried my cat, Luna.

Those of you who are followers have probably seen photos of her on this blog before.  She was my true gardening companion, never venturing outdoors alone and always staying close by.  Her favorite parts of the garden were the sunny patio where lizards were often hiding, and the north side of the garden where mice and moles were to be found.  The ivy-covered wall in the front garden was her favorite perch, and the warm granite stones of the front walkway and back patios were always the best places to roll around in the sun.

She was diagnosed with lymphoma the week before Christmas, so we were lucky to have more than a month to spoil her with her favorite foods, cuddles and ear-scratching.

We laid her to rest in the place where she spent her last moments in the garden, under the gingko tree, where she sat to watch me, the dogs and birds flitting around the garden.  Her grave is protected by a large stone, and I have planted a memorial garden around it, with white iris, dusty miller and sempervivens.

Of course, I still keep seeing her out of the corner of my eye everywhere I turn.

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