viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Spring is coming!

Even though it is still a month away, the garden is showing definite signs that spring is just around the corner.

Here in La Mancha, these are the first little wildflowers to spring up.  Yes, the locals call them weeds, but I think they're sweet.

Next up are the almond trees.  Our little tree is three years old and still hasn't given us any almonds yet, but this year I'm hopeful.  It smells wonderful!  In other parts of the country, the almond blossoms are pinker, but here they are usually whiter. 

Another native plant that provides late winter color is Viburnum tinus, also known in Spanish as durillo, or "tough little one".  Right now, it's full of tiny raspberry-colored buds that later open up to miniscule white flowers.  This toughie is also extremely drought resistant.
Viburnum tinus, surrounded by vinca.


While taking these photos, I was accompanied by this pretty butterfly/moth...

... and my partner in crime (when she sees me digging holes, she starts digging, too!).



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  1. Unas fotos muy chulas. A tu socio también le gusta la primavera, ¿Y a quién no?.
    Besos. Teira

    1. Muchas gracias por entrar en mi bloguito, Teira! Se nota que has mandado la lluvia hacia acá estos días. Mis rosas lo agradecen, ¡pero las malas hierbas lo hacen también! Un beso