domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Happy Easter!

Although it is not a Spanish tradition, my kids paint Easter eggs every year, and the Easter Bunny somehow does manage to find us.
Did you know that the word Hispania, which is what the Romans called Spain, is derived from a Phoenician word meaning "land of rabbits".  In La Mancha, they're everywhere!

They keep Luna entertained, but she's afraid to go after them because they're as big as she is!
My garden is slowly awakening.  Luckily, the rabbits don't like eating daffodils....
 ...nor do they care for iris.
The rabbits are also completely oblivious to weeds (I mean, wildflowers).
Most likely, many of you back home will be having a ham for Easter dinner.  Here in this little corner of pork-loving Spain, we usually have a cookout down by the reservoir...
  with seafood paella for 50 people!
 Happy Easter!

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  1. Happy late Easter, GuiriGirl! Your daffodils and irises look lovely, and that paella must be so tasty.

    1. Yes, unfortunately paella is the one Spanish food I feel I still have not been able to master. Everyone you talk to has their own way of making it, usually based on family recipes. Some use seafood, others chicken, or more traditionally rabbit, while still others use any and all of the above. And I like them all!