viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014


Living where we do, in a rural area near a reservoir with lots of wide-open countryside and rabbits to boot, we often come across stray dogs.  My heart goes out to each and every one of them, and I have often given them food and water, but I have never taken any home.  With two kids, a dog and a cat, I have to put their well-being first.

But, Spaghetti was different.  The children in town named this dark-brindle greyhound Spaghetti because of her thin tail, and they had seen her near school at recess time and in the park in the afternoons.  She stayed close, but never got too close.  She was obviously used to kids and being around people, looking for scraps at local restaurants.  A small group of us decided we should try to catch her to see if she was micro-chipped.

In the end, she was not, and I took her home because my yard is fenced in.  Hunting season starts this week, and it is a dangerous time of year for animals to be loose.  We got in touch with a greyhound protection association, and my husband took her over this past Saturday.  She cried, and so did my heart.

I feel bad that this sweet, eager-to-please animal was lost, and I feel horrible that there may be some children out there missing her.  But what I cannot forgive is some owners who did not care enough for their pet to micro-chip her.  In Spain, micro-chipping is the law, and you cannot get a rabies shot for your pets without a microchip and pet passport, at least not from a reputable vet.

In two weeks time, Spaghetti will be sent to a new family in Belgium (there is an association there that plays to people's heartstrings by telling them that Spaniards torture their greyhounds, but that's a story for another day), so perhaps she will be re-named Noedel.  Either way, she will be dearly missed.

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