jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

Walk This Way

(What can I say?  I grew up in Boston, and I couldn't think of a more appropriate title for a blog post about a walkway than an Aerosmith song...)

If there is one good thing that came out of breaking my back this spring, it was having enough time on my hands to finally plan out our front walkway.


Itn't it purty?  The stones are irregular and look almost like the slate from my native New England, but they are actually granite from this area.  Yes, those are real railroad ties bordering the walkway.  Many of them were found on our property when we bought it, so I figured that, since the toxins have been leaching out anyway, we might as well make it look pretty. 

By the front gate, there is now lots of cleaning and planting to do...

... but I think the bed to the right of the walkway is starting to look pretty spiffy 
(sage, thyme, abelia, ivy and Abraham Darby rose).

As you can see from the black tube in the photo above these lines, we still need to find some outdoor lighting that we actually like (which is no small task).

Along the sides of this part of the walkway that leads to the side of the house and kitchen porch, The Pilgrim rose (left) and Benjamin Britten (right) are just begging for an arbor, don't you think?

This is a photo of the same walkway, taken in the opposite direction, 
with Benjamin Britten reaching out over the path, and Lady Emma Hamilton below.

Luna still thinks this is her own private jungle.  Lavender seems to be her favorite plant.

So, come on in and walk this way... or run, if you please!

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  1. Buenas noches, llego a tu blog por el jardín de Bemi y me encantaron tus rosales, son preciosos. Un saludo.

    1. Lola, Gracias por la visita. Mi jardín es todavía un bebé porque solo llevamos aquí 3 años. Algunos de los rosales son muy grandecitos ya, pero me queda tantísimo por hacer todavía. Bueno, así lo apreciaré mejor, o eso dicen!

      Por cierto, pasé ayer por tu blog y dejé un mensaje. Como no lo veo publicado hoy, dejé otro, entonces a lo mejor ahora tienes dos! perdona...