lunes, 6 de abril de 2015

Easter Sunday In LaMancha

When I was a girl growing up in New England, Easter Sunday was a big church day.  Easter bonnets and gloves were still worn, and I remember always having a new Easter dress to wear with a matching spring coat and shoes.  The church service was always longer than usual, but special treats served at coffee hour in the parish hall made it all worthwhile.

Here in Spain, Easter Sunday is preceeded by Holy Week events that begin on Palm Sunday.  There are processions through the streets, late-night masses and activities for the children.  By the time Easter Sunday rolls around, people seem overspent by the whole affair, and the festivities are much more relaxed.

In our town, after mass we all head down to the reservoir.  Friends get together in groups to have a picnic and spend the day enjoying nature.  Our group of friends traditionally prepare a paella for lunch, followed by a barbecue in the evening.  Children are not allowed near the reservoir but enjoy themselves immensely by playing in the streams that feed into the lake, catching small fish and pollywogs with their hands.  Extra pairs of pants, shoes and socks are a must!

Hard times call for drastic measures: instead of shellfish, this year's rice was chicken and veg.

Is your mouth watering, yet?

This Easter, we enjoyed perfect picnic weather: not windy at all, and not a cloud in the sky.  After recent rains and the sun we had last week, the fields were abloom with the tiniest of wildflowers.


The lavender is starting to bloom, often in the most impossible of places.

After lunch, it's time for a long walk around the lake.

 This little village is proud of its beautiful countryside.

Our house is down where the reservoir starts to narrow.

 So, if you stop by on Easter Sunday and we're not home, you can find us down by the reservoir in the shade of an old oak tree.  Bring your appetite! 

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  1. Dear Karen, thans for showend this beautiful country site! I can imagine you are outside with your friend rather than inside the house. The paella looks yammie. I always try the paella in Spain. Have a wonderful day, groetjes, Hetty

    1. Hetty, you are always so sweet. Thank you for your loyal visits! Wish you could come and have Easter paella with us, too.

  2. It is traditional to go for a picnic on Easter Monday in Italy, but the weather has never been good in all the years we've lived here! We had our lunch party indoors, the wind was so strong it could have cut through you, it isn't any better today but at least the sun shone.

    1. Yes, we were lucky on Sunday, ´cause it's been windy ever since!

  3. Like me you have childhood recollections plus you are making beautiful memories in your adopted country, Karen. My life and traditions changed when I came from England to America. We are both blessed to have rich lives and experiences from two continents. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love yours. P. x